PermaPlate Vehicle Protection

There is so much that can affect the style of your vehicle. All environmental factors play a role in interfering with your car's exterior, making it look dirty and unkept. With PermaPlate Vehicle Protection, you can protect the exterior and keep it in great shape! It chemically bonds to the clear coat so that when items are hitting your car, it's hitting the thin layer or protectant rather the paint itself. PermaPlate offers seven years of protection and also protects the interior of the vehicle! Our Lima finance center is ready to create a payment plan to have PermaPlate Vehicle Protection placed on there.

Some things your exterior will be protected against are:
  • Weather-Induced Fading
  • Bird Drop Stains
  • Road Salt/De-Icer Stains
  • Headlight Lens Yellowing
  • Hard Water Spotting on Chrome Surfaces
  • and much more!
PermaPlate Protection will eliminate stains in the interior like:
  • Greasy Food
  • Dirty Dogs
  • Candy
  • Leather Burns
  • Lipstick
  • Soda Spills

Keep Your Car Protected And Immaculate In Lima

The condition of your vehicle is not just for appearance. It can have financial and mechanic benefits. If you want the option to sell your car in the future, keeping its appearance inside and out well-kept is important. This can prevent your resale value going down.

For vehicle quality purposes, your model goes under the harshest of conditions. It can affect important parts of your car such as the undercarriage and the lighting. In order to preserve your car, using PermaPlate Vehicle Protection can maintain its appearance, so you can enjoy your beautiful car long-term!

If you have any more questions about PermaPlate Vehicle Protection and how you can apply it to your used car please contact us at (888) 348-4131.


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